And the Oh! So Courteous Boys

Disclaimer: If you are a steadfast feminist then reading this may not be good for you. Please note that I’m not a supporter of Women’s liberation to an extent that they shall become 100% equal with their societal male counterparts. There are some things that just should not change.

Every time I go somewhere out, ride a bus, stand in queue to get something say maybe lunch or groceries, I see young, good looking, able bodied men displaying rules of such faulty behavior that it is simply rude and disrespectful to the females around them. That courtesy and the gentleness of manners which used to be the most attractive quality of men of all times seems to be just gone. If I were to compile a short list of such occurrences, it can include:

1. The ‘Ladies First’ rule has practically ceased to exist.

2. They don’t hold the door for you anymore.

3. They take the seats first even if they see a women standing.

4.Rudeness in manner of speech.

And not just that, because of the freaky world that has now been created by the women liberation movements, even family men have mostly forgotten the sense of true chivalry, as it is not considered essential or important.

Maybe after years of women telling men that they don’t need help, that they like being treated rudely just to show that they are tough and equal to them, the men finally have gotten the idea to keep it to themselves. Although, there are still courteous men left on this planet, it’s just that they are very few. Its a very rare quality in a man when he can be courteous. You can’t blame them since a lot of us (If I speak on behalf of the feminists’ part) have tried to be equal to men.

If I were to define chivalry, I’ll say that it is an aspect of the male gender role characterized by the belief that men should protect and provide for women. It can be said that people who endorse chivalry tend to endorse the stereotypes that women are more virtuous (more moral, less inclined to vice) but also less agantic (less competent, less suited to authority) than men. I believe this to be completely true. I don’t think chivalry needed to die, but I think the children of baby boomers weren’t necessarily brought up knowing what’s courteous and it’s necessarily not their fault.

The idea that a real woman appreciates chivalry and respect more than anything else from her man stands true to me. After all, it used to be those very same little gestures that swept her off her feet and made her fall in love so instantly. As a female, I can vouch that most of us dream of our white knight (even the feminists, yes! :D). Yet, it seems that chivalry is dying. Sweeping a woman up in his arms, bringing her roses, being her crying shoulder, doesn’t seem to be very common anymore.ย  But I’m posing this question out to you guys: is chivalry truly dead? If you think it is dying, let it not be so, because I can assure you that for the few of you decent ones still existing on this planet there exists a great girl that you deserve ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “And the Oh! So Courteous Boys

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  2. I cannot allow a woman to hold a door open for me. I run into situations where I have to because of the libreation thoughts, but i feel women should be treated courteously. I also have to be careful not to seem as if I am coming on to them. It is all maddening and confusing.

    By the way, i came in repsone to your Community Pool comment. Again I find your writing to be clear and coherent. You are doing a fabulous job. I might suggest you add a widget on the side or bottom to show your posts so when someone comes here they can read more than just the targeted post. That helps build reasership.

    • Haha I understand how that must feel. One has to stay perfectly on the rope of courtesy because it can easily be misunderstood for flirtation in some sense. I remember when I wrote this post that I was seriously stunned at the things I noticed in the past week then. But then again, the essence of my post was majorly based on my observation of my college mates who you know are still in the process of becoming a person, we all always are. It’s just that there is a dearth of gentlemanly and mannered people, women as well, if I am to be fair, and treating somebody with respect is something I personally deem very important and I look for that quality in people as it has become a rare one now.
      Thanks again for the feedback and the suggestion Joe, I will work on making the appearance more reader-friendly ๐Ÿ™‚

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