What kind of woman are you?

It has actually been SO long since I last posted, but I was kinda sent to dark ages, no internet, yes! That still happens in this century in many parts of the world. Anyways, I did some reading recently and while I was reading Mr. Coelho, I came across this classically interesting typology of women as defined by Edda in “The Witch of Portobello”. Thought I’d share the excerpt with all the ladies out there so we can find out what category we fall into.

“We women, when we’re searching for a meaning to our lives or for the path of knowledge, always identify with one of four classic archetypes.

  • The Virgin (and I’m not speaking here of a sexual virgin) is the one whose search springs from her complete independence, and everything she learns is the fruit of her ability to face challenges alone.
  • The Martyr finds her way to self-knowledge through pain, surrender and suffering.
  • The Saint finds her true reason for living in unconditional love and in her ability to give without asking anything in return.
  • Finally, the Witch justifies her existence by going in search of complete and limitless pleasure.

Normally, a woman has to choose from one of these traditional feminine archetypes, but Athena [the main character of the book] was all four at once.”

I kind of label myself as a martyr 😛 Let me know what you guys are in the comments, would love to discuss our types :D.

P.S. For those of you, who still haven’t read it, the book is excellently based on a story which shows how we could find the courage to be true to ourselves – even if we are unsure of who we are. Do give it a read, like all of PC’s books; this too, will transform your thinking.

Cheers 🙂



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