White Sauce Pasta



–          1.5 tbsp butter

–          1.5 tbsp all purpose flour

–          ½ cup chicken

–          ½ cup mushrooms

–          ½ cup mixed capsicum and red carrot

–          1 liter milk

–           Oregano (as per taste)

–          Italian seasoning (as per taste)

–          Black pepper (as per taste)

–          Salt (as per taste)

–          Boiled penne pasta


Mix all purpose flour and butter, and cook them. when they’re thoroughly mixed remove them from the stove and slowly add milk to them. Cook again for about 20 minutes.

Add seasoning, salt, oregano and black pepper to the mixture and cook until the paste is slightly thick and there’s no rawness in the taste. Fry chicken pieces separately after marinating them for about 20 minutes with tikka masala and vinegar. Sauté capsicum and carrot and mix them, add the chicken with the mixture. Add boiled pasta to the mixture on a low flame, mix and serve while hot.


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