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Weird,rude,bossy and self-solicited. Naa that's not me, that's how people see me when they don't KNOW me & when they do the definitions are way very different ;) A female, undergrad student studying Social Sciences and a VERY BIG Jane Austen fan, on my way to discovering myself and, the world better :)

Unrequited Love

Griffins and Ginger Snaps

The only unfulfilled love I’m willing to talk about openly is writing. And the realization that the love affair will never be reciprocated hurts just as much as that first time someone came out and said, “I like you. I just don’t like-like you.”

Writing will never like-like me. I’m too old, and it’s not that I’m too old as much as born at the wrong time – the non-generation. I’m not a baby boomer. I’m not a Me. I’m too old to be a Gen-Xer. Or Y and Z for that matter. I missed the computer age – I didn’t even have a computer until I got married and I was forty-one before I actually owned my own – a laptop, which took me a year to finally use with any kind of regularity. My kids know the VCR as the machine next to the TV that has never…

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DIY Bath Fizzies: A Tutorial

Diary of a Mad Crafter

A few months ago, I came across this post on pinterest, and I knew I had to make them for me as gifts for someone for the holidays. They seemed so easy and fun (and really inexpensive!) And it’s funny, but when I was younger (like teens) I just thought what’s the point of baths? You get in them, and then what…I would draw a bath and then sit in it for 5 minutes and get bored. Now that I’m older, and have lots and lots of stressful things going on in my life, WOW, do I appreciate a good bath! And anything to make it even better 🙂

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