And the Oh! So Courteous Boys

Disclaimer: If you are a steadfast feminist then reading this may not be good for you. Please note that I’m not a supporter of Women’s liberation to an extent that they shall become 100% equal with their societal male counterparts. There are some things that just should not change.

Every time I go somewhere out, ride a bus, stand in queue to get something say maybe lunch or groceries, I see young, good looking, able bodied men displaying rules of such faulty behavior that it is simply rude and disrespectful to the females around them. That courtesy and the gentleness of manners which used to be the most attractive quality of men of all times seems to be just gone. If I were to compile a short list of such occurrences, it can include:

1. The ‘Ladies First’ rule has practically ceased to exist.

2. They don’t hold the door for you anymore.

3. They take the seats first even Continue reading